Tangiers International is a leader in the provision of on-the-ground support services for insurance companies in emerging markets and conflict zones worldwide. Tangiers International customises its pricing and service levels in line with each client’s demographical profile, geographical locations and service needs.

Tangiers International operates globally, with dedicated medical managers and field agents to service claimants’ needs. The company intervenes at the local level, providing quality, cost-effective measures to ensure adequate care and return to work. Additional services include medical monitoring and emergency medical evacuation. Tangiers also investigates workers’ compensation and other casualty, property and health claims. Its services are offered on a 24-hour/365-day basis and supported with over 120 on-the-ground field agents worldwide.

Tangiers has gradually built one of the most extensive international networks of claims and health care professionals in remote, hostile or other ‘non-permissive’ environments. These locations are often characterised by challenging conditions, which may include: war; inadequate medical facilities, treatment and standards; lack of adequate documentation; language and cultural differences; and varying or uncertain regulatory and governmental requirements. The injured parties for casualty cases handled by Tangiers International are foreign or local nationals employed by private contracting companies.


Medical Services & Assistance

Tangiers provides comprehensive and seamless medical assistance services to all its members by:

  • Arranging emergency evacuations
  • Finding suitable doctors
  • Setting medical appointments
  • Attending medical appointments
  • Prepaying covered medical expenses
  • Applying for and getting visas
  • Collecting and translating medical records
  • Translating between doctors and patients
  • Providing a medical follow-up plan
  • Sending medical escorts
  • Setting independent medical exams
  • Arranging second medical opinions
  • Accessing cashless medical networks


Travel Services & Assistance

Your trip can be derailed by the smallest complication, which can frequently snowball. Tangiers helps get your trip back on track by:

  • Replacing lost passports and travel documents
  • Delivering money
  • Finding and returning lost luggage
  • Conducting emergency translations
  • Coordinating emergency message relays
  • Finding competent legal counsel
  • Getting you to the nearest Embassy or Consulate
  • Making emergency travel arrangements
  • Doing claims adjusting and investigations
  • Conducting labor market surveys