Tangiers is a growing organisation that connects insurance products, emergency medical assistance, maritime, travel and claims management services to individuals, companies and groups all over the world. Tangiers Group operates with the support of a network of insurance carriers alongside field personnel and service providers. The company believes in giving back. Our socially impactful non-profit projects include the Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS), an international humanitarian organisation dedicated to providing aid and emergency medical relief to refugees and migrants around the world. We also support Xchange, a foundation designed to measure, investigate and document the impact of human movement globally. Based in Malta, Tangiers has been pioneering new ways to manage medical, security and liability risks worldwide since 2006.

The Tangiers Group of companies provide a comprehensive, high-quality range of specialist services including:


Offering specialty travel medical insurance products and services designed for individuals and groups traveling internationally, including in the world’s most challenging places. Where ordinary insurance stops, battleface keeps going: through conflict zones and lawless areas; into the surf and beneath the waves, across isolated deserts, up the sides of mountains and more.

Tangiers International

Tangiers International is a leader in the provision of on-the-ground insurance claims support and emergency medical assistance services in emerging markets and conflict zones worldwide.


ReSyH is a management assistance company that helps non-profit organisations improve and grow. This gives organisations the freedom to concentrate on what they are good at and leaves the paper pushing to our crackerjack team of admin nerds.

Tangiers Maritime

Tangiers Maritime serves the maritime industry with offshore support vessel services based in Malta. Integrated shipping services combine with premium offshore experience and support to give premier charter service for the most discerning customer.


MOAS is an international humanitarian organisation dedicated to providing aid and emergency medical relief to refugees and migrants around the world.


Xchange measures, investigates and documents the impact of human movement globally. With an emphasis on the Mediterranean and Southeast Asia, the NGO collects, analyses and presents data for in-depth projects and specialist investigations covering the most pressing migration issues.

OBS Advisory

OBS Advisory (OBS) is a membership association for people visiting or working internationally in the world’s most challenging environments. OBS does this in two ways: by providing crisis assistance response membership designed for dangerous environments; and safety advice, via social networking, real-time travel alerts and news updates.



Christopher Catrambone, an American entrepreneur and adventurer from Lake Charles, Louisiana, establ...
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Tangiers International establishes a medical network of local hospitals in Iraq to provide direct as...
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The company relocates to the island of Malta for its infrastructure, English-speaking workforce, sou...
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Tangiers International works in more than 110 countries on behalf of US insurance-industry leaders, ...
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Tangiers International becomes a registered company in Singapore, in addition to Malta, Afghanistan,...
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Medical networks

The company streamlines its claims process and expands its cashless medical network to 40,000+...
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Lloyd's of London

The company begins its partnership with Lloyd's of London and experiences significant growth. It esta...
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MOAS established

Tangiers Group is created to consolidate all companies, including Tangiers Inter...
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3000 Lives Saved

Tangiers establishes Tangiers Maritime, which purchases a 40-metre (136-foot) expedition vessel,...
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Osprey acquired

The Tangiers Group acquires Malta's largest aviation insurance and risk-management specialists
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Over 33,000 lives saved

Total lives saved to over 33,000 with 121 search-and-rescue missions conducted
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Tangiers International became the very first Maltese company to receive the honour
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ITIJ Awards finalist

Tangiers International among 3 Assistance Provider of the Year finalists for the ITIJ Awards
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